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VIP Application on Jail server

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VIP Application on Jail server

Post by Ipomme13 on Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:12 pm

Hello guys, I used to be a Mod on both Jail and Doghouse, but I have been absent for a while so here I am applying again.

1- My In-Game Name is Ipomme13
2- My USGN ID is 90435
3- I am applying for [Fws] Jail
4- I am applying for VIP
5- Yes. I used to be a mod on this server.
6- Yes, I can speak english fluently (not that hard, tho). I can also speak Portuguese and a bit of French.
7- I am applying for this position because I want to moderate the server. There are too many abusing and disrespectful players, and don't start talking about hackers.
8- Well. My real name is Diogo, I am 15 years old. Some of you may remember me. I used to be a little retarded kid.

Edit: Corrected grammar.
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Re: VIP Application on Jail server

Post by Ploggy344 on Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:26 pm

Hello! Saw you in a chatbox yesterday but didn't talk.

-[IFwsI]- has moved to another forum, if you'd have checked Forums/Announcements you would have known.

New forum: fws.boards.net
P.S: With the latest Jail script you receive VIP status for merely playing over 3 hours.
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