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#Report ~rokeluixas & Co.

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#Report ~rokeluixas & Co.

Post by piWi. on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:45 pm

Report - rokeluixas

Name: rokeluixas
Forum account: rokeluixas

U.S.G.N.-ID: 88970

Reason: Multiconnection


This guy is obvesly using his V.I.P. power to make himself an advantage by kicking the players who might breaking rules and this althought this setting got changed by Nighthawk. Who want to check this, click here. Futhermore he kicked just a few seconds after that a massive freekiller without taking his IP btw U.S.G.N. to exempt the server for a longer time of the rulebreaker. If you take a look on his activity, which is in this point more the inactivity than it's sure that he hasn't noticed that it isn't longer allowed.


If these proofs aren't enough, you're albe to convince yourself from the rulebreak by taking a look on the logs at the time around 18:25 //UTC+1


This freekiller got kicked by him before I were able to take a screenshot, admins might check the logs at the time 18:27 //UTC+1.


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