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Are you banned? [How-to-unban-apply]

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Are you banned? [How-to-unban-apply]

Post by Nighthawk on Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:43 pm

If you're banned then read this first before making an unban application!
To thoroughly investigate your unban we need information, you can not come in and just ask for an unban. This is the application format you are required to follow:


In-game name (when you were banned):
Logs/Screenshots to support your ban:
What happened that got you banned:
When you got banned: (We need dates, "last month", "2 years ago", etc won't cut it)

If you fail to follow this format, then you we won't investigate it either.


In-game name: Nighthawk
USGN: 116310
Server: Jail
Logs/Screenshots: [put logs/images here]

I was playing like a normal CT then I accidentally teamkilled half of my team with the rocket trigger in the kitchen at California Jail. I don't know who banned me, but it was an accident. Please look into this as I follow the rules and such a thing won't happen again.

I got banned on 1st August at around 2PM +5GMT.

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