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Freebans (mod2) on Superhero server

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Freebans (mod2) on Superhero server

Post by Own y s on Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:10 pm

This a report about mod2 one mod name Player[mod2] 21.02.2013 15:57 Gmt+1 bans me for "aimbot" he said you are shoot direct on person but i have never open any hack i dont know who can make hack for me or where i can get hack but i dont need any hack i am of the top of the map then i shoot down then say anyone my name and he is aimbotting ban him because i shoot down only down and kill there then i get freeban for not anything .
My usgn id 112408
Name DryKay
I am banned of Super hero server at 16:01 gmt+1
I am 17 years old and lvl 50 on super hero server
pls find freeban and remove theres power.
Thx for read that.

Own y s

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Re: Freebans (mod2) on Superhero server

Post by MetaKnight on Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:22 pm

Lol you actually made the report xD. Yadda yadda same story as always, you sure didnt hacked, you sure dont know where to find one and how to use it, we all believe you, im a freebaner and I should be demoted Rolling Eyes Anyways, dont unban this dude, he was aimboting. Have a good day.
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