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reporting S1mple.

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reporting S1mple.

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:45 am

he gave the idea today.
-- @ -- @ --
(months ago~
I was banned him, because he was an idiot "hairy-soles" bastard, who insulted everybody.
I muted him, but like others, he was rejoined too.
then he started to insulting me, muted again [...] and my nerves reached that "point", when I banned him.
-- @ -- @ --
so today.. again, that continues what sometimes if he comes to shotgun server - said something to someone ( check the logs, you can also found there. ) then I muted him.
after this, he again started to insult me, then kick- and lockspec-rush comes, and in fine a short talk, when he again insulted me. Because my English-vocabulary missing the insults, I can't say something - just "Hmm...." or "Hahaha..." . Anyways I fat, I can kill him with a S1mple "peasant-swinging" (biff). My fleshy palms can extract his hair from his foot.
Anyways - I banned his Usgn, he can make an another one.
10%, to Admins are read this, but I tried.


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